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Caravan & RV loan

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Our job is to make financing your dream lifestyle purchase as easy and straightforward as possible. Our asset finance experts will be with you every step of the way.

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At Set Up Finance, we’ve simplified the financing journey for our clients and dealers because we want to get people on the road and enjoying their lifestyle purchase sooner. Working with a wide network of trusted lending partners, we are dedicated to getting our customers the best deal, for the perfect product, at the right time.

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We know first hand the energy that goes into picking the perfect caravan, RV or camper. When you’re ready to make it happen, our team will be there for you from start to finish. Discover why we’re the most trusted name in lifestyle asset finance.

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Our Process

Initial application

In our initial consultation, we ask for your residential status, credit history, employment and down payment amount to give you an idea of interest rates and repayments.


We conduct a pre-assessment before going to a lender to ensure the loan meets your requirements and that the application also meets the lender’s approval criteria.

Submit to lender

Once all information is submitted, we wait for the lender to provide the offer of financing (typically 2 business days).

Finance offer

We present you with your lending options and recommend the best deal for your needs.

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Set Up Finance is rated 5 stars by our customers. Read more of our reviews on Google.

Your dream is closer than you think

We’ve helped hundreds of Aussies and their families finance their lifestyle purchases. Let us help you make your dream a reality with the right people on your side.


How do you Calculate Interest Rates?

Interest rates are generally set by the lenders, but each lender may vary based on a number of factors including the credit profile of the borrower, the residential status, the type of loan required and the lenders’ appetite for risk.

Can I get Finance on a Caravan?

Finance for caravans is most certainly available and offered by many lenders, both mainstream and second tier or sub-prime lenders.

What Kind of Loan do I need for a Caravan?

Loans for caravans and camper trailers fall under the category of asset lending. The great part of asset lending is that the loan is generally secured against the asset you are purchasing which makes the borrowing process simpler, plus it is seen as less risky to the lender.

How Long Can you FInance a Caravan For?

The term is completely at the discretion of the customer. Most lenders will offer loan terms ranging from 12 months to 7 years in duration with the flexibility to pay out the loan early if required.

Can you Get FInancing for a Used Caravan?

While lenders will generally offer finance on second hand caravans and campers, some factors such as age of the asset may attract a higher interest rate and shorter term offered to the borrower.

How does FInance on a Caravan work?

You will be assigned a personal broker who will help you navigate the application process. Applying for finance is relatively painless and once your broker has the information they need from you, they will do the heavy lifting. The best part is, that the majority of the application is undertaken via email or through our website. Your broker will keep you up to date at every stage of the application and they are only a phone, email or text away if you have any questions.