Application Form

Our Process

Initial application

In our initial consultation, we ask for your residential status, credit history, employment and down payment amount to give you an idea of interest rates and repayments.


We conduct a pre-assessment before going to a lender to ensure the loan meets your requirements and that the application also meets the lender’s approval criteria.

Submit to lender

Once all information is submitted, we wait for the lender to provide the offer of financing (typically 2 business days).

Finance offer

We present you with your lending options and recommend the best deal for your needs.

What you will neeD

For pre-assessment

  • Residential status (mortgage holder/renting etc).
  • Employment status
  • Credit history (late paid loans, defaults, bankruptcies)
  • Approximate loan amount
  • Deposit amount

For lender assessment

  • Proof of income
  • Signed privacy consent form
  • Copy of your driver’s license

The repayment information produced by this calculator is to be used as a guide only. Any results produced are neither an offer of finance nor a legal guarantee. We (Set Up Finance) bear no responsibility for any losses incurred from the use of this information. Your official loan request is subject to assessment through standard lending criteria. This calculator has not accounted for additional fees set out by the lender or taxes such as GST.


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