Debt Consolidation Loan AUstralia

If you have multiple debts, we can discuss options for combining all of these debts into a single loan, saving you money.

GEt FInance options for multiple Assets

If you have multiple loans which include credit card debt, let’s discuss your options. Debt consolidation allows you to combine multiple debts into one manageable payment, often at much lower rates than you are paying across multiple smaller loans. Let us help you simplify your situation with trusted lenders, the best deals and a responsive team on your side – so you can get your dream vehicle sooner and start planning your next adventure.

Caravan Loans

Australia is the ultimate playground for caravans, camper trailers, RVs and motorhomes. Whether you’re a weekender or doing ‘the lap’, choosing the right caravan for your needs is a big decision. Let our expert team take the stress out of your financing.

Car Loans

When it’s time for a new car or ute, you want to know you’re getting the best deal possible. Backed by an unprecedented number of lenders, we create a seamless financing process from start to finish and help you access the right loan terms for your needs.

Boat & Jet Ski Loans

Ready for hours or even days spent on the water in a new boat or jet ski? Make that dream marine vehicle a reality with our experts in lifestyle asset finance. Our customer service is second to none, and we’ll help you secure the right loan for your unique financial situation.

What our customers say about us

Set Up Finance is rated 5 stars by our customers. Read more of our reviews on Google.

Abby-Lea Rickett
Abby-Lea Rickett
We met Sally at a Camping & Leisure show. She was immediately helpful and we knew we wanted her to assist us through our finance application. Once we made contact with her following the show, she kept in consistent communication with us. She is very knowledgeable and gave us realistic advice and expectations throughout the process. Sally has kept in touch and shared in our excitement and I would, without a doubt, recommend her to anyone looking to finance a vehicle / caravan or equipment for their business.
Rasgrove Rural Services
Rasgrove Rural Services
Awesome Service. Brooke did everything for us and followed up on all aspects. She was very thorough and even found us insurance for our new hybrid. Let the adventure begin and Thank You Brooke.
Peter Faulkner
Peter Faulkner
Brooke is absolutely incredible!! She made the process from start to finish easy and straightforward, and helped calm our nerves too (a lot!) ????. Between our initial approval/ordering the van to settling the loan our lender increased the interest rate a lot, so Brooke worked tirelessly and at short notice (our van arrived quite early unexpectedly) to find us a better deal. We are appreciative of everything Brooke did to help us make our dream come true. We would recommend Brooke and her team to anyone.
Sarah Shields
Sarah Shields
Amazing! Sally is so helpful in every aspect! Communication is amazing, and such a lovely person to deal with!
Laurie Gibson
Laurie Gibson
After reading all of the 5 Star reviews I decided to contact Brooke for a Boat loan & the whole process was so simple with Brooke putting priority on the the best outcome for me.
Debbie Dunasemant
Debbie Dunasemant
Brooke has been absolutely amazing and a breeze to work with, she was quick with responding to our queries, and she managed to find a pretty good finance deal. There was no stress or pressure throughout the process. Set Up Camp are lucky to have her!! Thank you Brooke ????????
Brendon Halliday
Brendon Halliday
Brooke has been amazing to deal with from the very first conversation. The entire process was so simple and was kept in the know the entire time. Brooke had our best interest at heart and what would be best financially for us.
Michelle Darvall
Michelle Darvall
After talking to others banks and lenders about our unique situation, set up finance consultant Brooke listened and gave informed information for us to make the best decision for our needs. She was supportive and always had time for a chat, including random question we had along the way. This experience was made easy and stress less. Thank you Brooke will definitely use you again if ever in the market again
Maria Schmidt
Maria Schmidt
Brooke is amazing at setting up finance and making it so easy and smooth. She helped me with two big purchases over a couple of years and her service has been consistently exceptional, she went above and beyond your average finance broker to make sure I understand the difference between the products, recommended the best one for my particular circumstances, and taught me a few things about how lenders work. I will be coming back to her with my next loan requirement, positively.
Samantha McGuill
Samantha McGuill
Brooke helped me with my caravan finance. She is friendly, professional and fast, it was a pleasure working with her. Thanks for a great experience.

The repayment information produced by this calculator is to be used as a guide only. Any results produced are neither an offer of finance nor a legal guarantee. We (Set Up Finance) bear no responsibility for any losses incurred from the use of this information. Your official loan request is subject to assessment through standard lending criteria. This calculator has not accounted for additional fees set out by the lender or taxes such as GST.

Your dream is closer than you think

We’ve helped hundreds of Aussies and their families finance their lifestyle purchases. Let us help you make your dream a reality with the right people on your side.

Loan options

Loans for caravans, camper trailers and other leisure assets fall under the category of asset lending. However much you’re looking to borrow and over what time frame, we will recommend the best possible deal for your needs that takes your complete financial situation into account.

Secured Loans

These are the most common type of loan in asset lending as they are often deemed less risky by lenders and offer a better interest rate. This type of loan is secured against something you own (often what you are borrowing for) as collateral. This means if you default on the loan, the lender would be entitled to seize and sell the asset as repayment.

Unsecured Loans

As the name suggests, this is the opposite of a secured loan where no asset is used as collateral. Because there is more risk involved, lenders tend to charge higher interest rates and fees for unsecured loans. However, these loans are still widely available and usually offer better interest rates than a credit card, for example.

Line of Credit Loans

With this type of loan, the lender gives you a pre-arranged line of credit or borrowing sum. You are only charged interest on what you use, so if you don’t use your full line of credit, you will only be charged per what you spend. These loans typically have higher interest rates than secured loans but offer convenience for when you find the right leisure asset.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation loans are a great tool if you have more than one asset. This type of loan allows you to combine your debt from multiple assets, cars, and credit cards into one loan payment, hopefully at a lower rate than you were paying for separately. Our team can advise you on how to structure your debt consolidation loan.


How do you Calculate Interest Rates?

Interest rates are generally set by the lenders, but each lender may vary based on a number of factors including the credit profile of the borrower, the residential status, the type of loan required and the lenders’ appetite for risk.

DOes debt Consolidation Hurt your Credit Rating?

The purpose of debt consolidation is to simplify a customer’s personal borrowing to one simple payment. Long term, this will assist in improving a customer’s credit rating on the condition that they maintain on-time payments and do not undertake further credit activity that may impact their credit score.

How do I put all my Debt into One Payment

Your personal broker will do all the heavy lifting for you once you have provided details on the current loans.

Is it Hard to get a Debt Consolidation Loan

The application of a consolidation loan is similar to an asset loan, however, your broker will need to be given information on all the loans the customer is looking to consolidate.

FUnding your Lifestyle

There are many brokers out there who can get you a loan for your vehicle. But are they specialists in asset finance and debt consolidation if you have multiple assets?

Our team specifically works in this space and has for years, which means we can match you with the right finance option.

We won’t just get you a loan. We’ll get you the right loan.

Australians with a love for adventure use Set Up Finance time and again because they trust we’ll find the deal for them and be with them every step of the way.